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Greve Håndbold U12PB

Registration number: 1019
Registrator: Ronni Mark Nielsen Log in
Primary shirt color: White
Secondary shirt color: Blue
Leader: Nicoline Back Dagnø
10:th place in Slutspil
In addition to Greve Håndbold, 10 other teams played in Girls U12B. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Greve Håndbold could be found in Group A together with Ystad IF HF, TMS Ringsted, Fredensborg 78 and LUGI HF 1.

Greve Håndbold also participated in Girls U12A during Hillerød Påske Cup 2018. They won Slutspil, after beating TMS Ringsted 2 in the final with 19-10.

6 games played


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City Bakery Frederiksborgcenter Københavns Bustrafik Rema1000 JOMA