Hillerød HK U19D

Registration number: 1054
Registrator: Morten Rasmusson Log in
Primary shirt color: Dark blue
3:rd highest goal count per match among the teams in U19D (19.0)
3:rd highest goal count among the teams in U19D (95)
In addition to Hillerød HK, 4 other teams played in Boys U19.

Hillerød HK continued to Slutspil after reaching 3:rd place in Group A. In the playoff they made it to Semi final, but lost it against Hillerød Hangovers with 23-25. In the Final, Hillerød Hangovers won over Næstved/Herlufsholm and became the winner of Slutspil in Boys U19.

Hillerød HK also participated in Boys U19 during Hillerød Påske Cup 2018. They won Slutspil, after beating Dalby G&IF håndbold Team Dalby/Faxe in the final with 22-15.

5 games played


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