Written 07 March 2020 22:27
Edited 07 March 2020 22:28
Dear participant for Hillerød Easter Cup 2020

The steering group behind Hillerød Easter Cup naturally follows the developments regarding Covid - 19 close.

To minimize all kinds of infection, we have decided internally at Hillerød Handball Club that all the club's own members and players must refrain from training and matches if they have been in countries with high risk of infection.
To minimize the risk of infection, we expect that all participating clubs do not have participating players coming from risk countries without prior 14 days quarantine.

We follow the teams that come from outside Denmark closely with the recommendations they receive from their own countries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.

As the situation is now, Hillerød Easter Cup is NOT canceled. We plan ahead, but we are working on action plans and logistical solutions that ensure that we will not at any time be more than 1000 people in the same place.

During the competition, we will pay close attention to the risk of infection and hygiene conditions, and will attach great importance ensuring that all participants are aware of the Ministry of Health's recommendations.

As the situation is now, there can be changes in the situation, so we recommend that you keep up to date on the Easter Cup facebook page.